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Navigating Summer Vacation – How Assisted Living Can Help

Summer is (almost!) here and for more than 80% of Americans that means vacation. It’s all adventure and fun, unless you’re also caring for an aging loved one. Needed time away to recharge and be with your family and friends can also create stress and worry. Who will take care of them? How will that person feel about you not being with them? How can you take a meaningful break if you don’t know how they will do when you’re away?


Planning and preparation is the answer. Summer travel can present an opportunity for caregivers to invite others to help with day-to-day responsibilities, expand their care connections, and even explore assisted living options.

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In-Home Support

Talking with a family member or long-time friend who knows your loved one is an easy place to start. Your time away could present an opportunity for another family member to spend much desired time with someone they’ve missed and enjoy. It also provides a first-hand view into your loved one’s day-to-day needs and the type of commitment needed to properly care for them. Inviting a family member in to help can bolster discussions around medical needs, cognitive ability, and future care needs. This offers important insights for when your loved one’s needs change. If a family member isn’t able, many in-home care companies offer short-term overnight options. Just make sure that you work with a reputable agency and spend time documenting and debriefing personal routines, personality preferences, medication regimens, and other key points to assist someone less connected to your loved one.


Respite Care

A short-term stay at a senior living community, known as respite care, is another viable resource. This can be a good option when a caregiver needs a break and their loved one needs more support than a family member or friend can provide. Many senior communities offer assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing services during respite care stays.


Assisted Living

Summer is often considered the best time to explore a move into an assisted living community. With more sunlight during the day, communities are often popping with activities that can make the transition to a new environment easier for your loved one and the caregiver.


“Calyx communities are full of activity all year, but summer feels especially vibrant and lively,” says Jennifer Moore, Vice President of Operations at Calyx Senior Living. “Our residents enjoy chef-made meals with ingredients straight from our gardens, our patios are full with family visits, activities are often held outside, and even movie nights are packed. It’s a time of year where friendships and connections seem extra easy for our residents.”


Why During Summer Vacation?

Timing a caregiver’s vacation with a loved one’s transition to assisted living has mutual benefit. The weather and energy in a senior community can ease the change.


  1. Better weather: Days are warmer and generally more predictable which can make the physical moving process easier. Plus, residents can enjoy a range of outdoor activities and events that help new residents acclimate to their new environment.
  2. Increased social interaction: Summer offers seasonal experiences like gardening clubs and outdoor fitness classes where new residents can meet others and form friendships.
  3. Family visits: Extended family members often have more flexibility to visit during summer months. Familiar faces and support can help ease the transition to assisted living.
  4. Extra sunshine: Longer daylight hours and more sunshine can enhance mood and well-being, making the adjustment period less stressful.
  5. Time for a new routine: New residents and their families have time to get used to their new roles, surroundings, and routines before school starts and winter weather arrives.


When considering how to manage summer fun and necessary time to recharge, it’s normal for dedicated caregivers to wonder if taking the time away from their loved one is worth it. Research shows that heightened anxiety around being away can impact the benefits of taking the time. Assurance that your loved one will be cared for, at the standard you desire, is essential to caregivers being able to unplug and reconnect in meaningful ways. Whether you’re traveling for vacation or just need a break, Calyx is here to help.


Our team at Calyx Living welcomes the chance to talk through how assisted living can offer quality of life options for your loved one and your family. You’re invited to tour our beautiful, inviting communities, see our amenities, and experience activities focused on resident engagement. We can also share cost information to help you evaluate if assisted living services is the right fit for your family. Contact us to schedule a tour today.