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About Us

Our Philosophy

At Calyx, our communities celebrate the circles and synergies that come with change, growth and community. There’s a vibrant energy that you can feel. Whether trying new things, taking a class together, indulging in delicious farm-to-table meals or simply laughing over similar life memories, our residents have a vibrancy that elevate each other. Calyx communities are places where residents live with enthusiasm, assurance and security knowing that their interests can grow and their needs will be met.

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Our Experience

Calyx Living is the culmination and lifework of a senior living-experienced team who call Raleigh and North Carolina home. Our focus is world class care for seniors, including senior living, assisted living and memory care. Our company was founded and is managed by a women-led team focused on cultivating holistic, invigorating and essential experiences in senior living communities.

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I have found Calyx to be very resident-minded. Thank you for establishing Calyx’s family atmosphere and striving to make the community not only the ‘best of the rest’ but ‘the best of the best’ in assisted living.

Our Communities

With best-in-class wellness services, activities that cultivate interests and inviting amenities, Calyx offers residents exceptional lifestyles through a full range of senior living options including assisted living and memory care as well as respite care for shorter stays.

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  • Every day, residents participate in activities that stimulate their bodies, minds, creativity and passions in an effort to develop meaningful interactions and connections.
  • Everything from our physical space to our farm-to-table menus are intentionally created with style and quality in mind.
  • Our team is dedicated to and purposeful in a shared attitude that’s open, approachable, helpful and sincere.
  • Residents can expect genuine experiences formed out of support, happiness and love. We consider Calyx residents and their families as an extension of our own.


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