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Keeping Our Community Healthy

We’re with you. We all want to get back to family and friends, favorite pursuits and fun.

That’s why we have been 100% fully vaccinated – residents and staff – since opening. We have prepared for and actively monitor and adjust how residents and their families can safely – and fully – engage in Calyx communities. We have extra precautions in place to keep all of us healthy and safe while we embrace programs that foster relationships, new experiences and renewed joy.

Health Screening and Visitor Management System

Our touch-less digital platform screens all team members, visitors and vendors for COVID-19 before they enter our community.

  • CDC guidelines help shape our screening processes.
  • Every person must answer a series of screening questions and have their temperature checked.
  • Approved visitors – including staff, family and vendors – are issued a badge that proves they have been screened.
  • Badges printed with dates and names easily show our team that a visitor is allowed onsite.

With a single point of entry, this health screening and visitor management system streamlines our sign-in process and allows us to monitor all visitors, when they arrived, and why or who they came to visit.

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Our top priority is always making sure everyone in our Calyx community is safe and well.

Bipolar Ionization Air Filtration

We’ve using the latest technology to purify and improve air quality throughout the Calyx community by installing bipolar ionization air filtration systems.

  • Our air filtration system is integrated into the HVAC system of all common living areas.
  • This technology eliminates harmful substances in the air such as viruses, bacteria, allergens and airborne mold.
  • Bipolar ionization is used in hospitals, airports, educational institutions, and for us, in all Calyx senior living communities.
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Beautiful, Welcoming Outdoor Spaces

Calyx communities integrate outdoor visitor and community event spaces for all residents.

The beautiful grounds, from our relaxing front porch to manicured courtyards, are great for gathering and provide naturally safer areas for residents to interact and families to visit.

We can’t wait to welcome residents and their guests to alfresco dining, gardening events, outdoor movies, and even birthday celebrations in our lovely outdoor spaces.

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