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Preparation, Safety and Response: Our COVID-19 Update

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Our Preparation, Your Safety

We treat the health and safety of our residents, team members, families and visitors as if it’s our own – because it is. That’s why we have postponed the grand opening of our brand new senior living community, Calyx of Durham. Due to COVID-19, we will not open our new community until we consider it safe for all, even though we know prospective residents and families are in need of our services.

To help answer your questions, we’ve tried to address what we believe is necessary for us to open our sparkling new community and the precautions that our team will take to keep everyone at Calyx of Durham healthy and safe. We know this will evolve in the coming weeks. Please contact our team to schedule a private in-person tour or take a virtual tour and discuss your specific situation.

Common Questions

How are you determining when it’s safe to open?

Calyx of Durham is in a unique position to deliver exceptional care since our new community is under construction and hasn’t been open during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have a sparkling, new community to welcome resident home.

In planning for our grand opening, we’ve created the Calyx COVID-19 Task Force, consisting of senior leadership and executive team members. This group is in constant communication with our state and county health departments, state healthcare regulatory teams and representatives from the Centers for Disease Control along with testing companies. We’re setting up standards and protocols to help prevent any virus cases within our communities. Information gathered by our task force will help inform requirements and restrictions for our team members, residents, visitors, instructors and our community activities.

We’re also using this information to schedule the actual date of our official grand opening. We want this to be an exciting experience that is safe for everyone.

How will you maintain a clean and safe community when you open?

COVID-19 has elevated cleaning standards for all of us. When we open, we will maintain a rigorous and aggressive daily disinfection and sanitation schedule for all resident rooms and all common spaces. This is in addition to our quality cleaning routines, linen changing and laundry services.

Will your team members or staff have to meet any COVID-19 health requirements?

Absolutely! New health standards for assisted living communities are being defined and updated by state and county health officials. The Calyx COVID Task Force is following these developments closely and using this to develop own standards – which will be even more stringent.

We know this will include testing, taking temperatures, wearing masks, completing health questionnaires and routine, rigorous handwashing. Our task forces will share specifics once final guidelines and regulations are complete.

How will you make sure residents aren’t sick when they move in?

Calyx is a community. We believe what’s good for one part of our family is, most likely, good for the rest of it. That’s why residents will follow similar health screening guidelines set forth for our team members. We suspect that will involve having residents take a COVID-19 test and have a negative result before moving in. We have the ability to reserve a special wing for our incoming residents until they can safely relocate to their permanent room. Many health standards around COVID-19 are still being developed. Our task force is developing specific protocols for making sure residents remain healthy when they move to a Calyx community.

If someone gets sick with COVID-19, how will you handle this?

Since Calyx of Durham is brand new, we have the ability to reserve a wing of our community for quarantine situations. This allows residents who are sick to temporarily relocate to our restricted access, quarantine wing where they can be closely monitored and receive necessary care as instructed by their primary doctors. Once recovered and well, residents will then follow any other guidelines that our task force has established to ensure the greater community is healthy and safe.

Will I be able to see my loved one at Calyx?

Our residents’ family members are part of our community and we absolutely want you to visit. However, state health officials have placed strict restrictions on who can visit communities like ours. As of now, all non-essential individuals, including all family members, friends, responsible parties and nonessential vendors and volunteers, will not be permitted to visit Calyx until North Carolina’s Stay At Home restrictions for our settings are lifted.

As Stay at Home guidelines are adjusted, we expect our visitation polices to also adapt. Our task force is also working on guidelines for ways to safely engage in visits and communal activities, once we’re permitted to do so.

How can we learn more about Calyx? Are you giving tours?

While our website is a great resource, it’s not the same as seeing Calyx in person. We’re happy to schedule a tour – whether virtual or a socially-distanced, in-person tour where you will be the only visitor touring the community – and personally address your questions. We can also share additional information about our services and what to expect from our team and community. Scheduling a time to connect is as east as chatting with us real time here, leaving us your contact information below or giving us a phone call.

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